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WSU Campaign The Campaign for Washington State University

Big Ideas for Food

What did you eat today? If you answered ‘food’, then you already benefit from WSU research.

As the next worldwide revolution in food and agriculture takes shape, the state of Washington—with the nation’s second-most diverse agricultural enterprise—is at the center of it all. Discoveries, technologies, and techniques developed at Washington State University advance a modern food system that is productive, competitive, sustainable, and safe to meet the needs of an ever-growing world population.

Support for food and agriculture research during The Campaign for WSU is transformational. Tree fruit growers and industry partners created endowed faculty positions and research funding to ensure the industry will continue to be a world leader for years to come. A generous commitment from WSU alumni created what may be the largest university organic teaching and research farm in the country. The state’s booming wine industry now boasts one of the world’s most advanced wine research centers. Wheat, barley, legumes—the examples go on and on.

When you sit down to your next meal, reach for an apple or pear, or enjoy a glass of Washington wine, know that innovations developed at WSU—and supported by philanthropy—are making your food healthier, safer, more affordable, and better tasting, too.